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Triangle Baseball Sleeve Dress

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This easy-to-wear dress is made to help a girl feel stylish in the cold, winter months. Made from a thicker, stiffer, stretch knit called Ponte, this fabric allows freedom of movement but holds you in and prevents unflattering clinging to our >ahem< lady-lumps. Features an open crew neck, a relaxed fit around torso, and slightly scooped hem.

This version is cut below the knee but I recommend at or above knee modification for those under 5' 6". Neckline can also be adjusted based on preference. Cuffs featured on sleeves but sleeve could also be cuff-less to desired length. Cuff-less is easier to push up to 3/4 length on arm.

Fabric content: Viscose, lycra.

All fabrics pre-washed before sewing.


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